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Sunday, April 6, 2014


some people kept asking me why bla bla bla....
because my twitter changed a lot...

** haha, FYI .. i like to change my Twitter's background,DP,Header photo and colours based on my mood or what i feels..**

Now,here comes the new me...

wanna know? heres my answer..i hope it satisfied you enough :)

Why choose the sky? [ my background is "the sky(black)" ]
-because only sky can describe me very well.

Why choose the eyes ? [ my header photo is "the eyes" ]
-because mine already seen too many lies.

Why choose black and white with a little bit of blue touch? [ as you can see on my twitter ]
-because I don’t need TOO many colours to make me happy. If I choose TOO many colours,I afraid that the colours would let me down. (this already deep for me,i understand of what i'm saying..if you don't,haha nvm :) )

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