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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pin Pon..Blog is under construction

this blog is under construction...it may took a month.
and seems like the owner had to face her big TRIAL as a SPM candidates
she will need a time to cover up all the killers subject...
nahh,i don't want to type too long if not i'll getting more "merepek"..
okay,straight to the point...SHE who is ME had problem with chemistry subject.
but,in the mean time..She also want to update her blog even once in a week.
too bad,she can't do all those things..she only can focus on one things..
then,she chose to focus on her chemistry subject.SPM is more important than the others.
She wanted to be an English teacher,actually..
but her English are so terrible,double the terrible and triple the terrible..
she always use MANGLISH..haha
In conclusion,this BLOG is under constuction!

i repeat again...UNDER CONSTRUCTION
the end..TQ :)

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